Family and Friends of Morris H. Willey and Tara Willey

Family and Friends of Morris H. Willey and Tara Willey

My father, Morris, dedicated so much of his time to helping people reach their academic goals. Even at home, he created an environment where learning was part of daily life. He instilled in my sister and me the importance of being a committed student. I recently received a letter from one of my father’s former students who attributed his success as a student, and later as a professional, to the time my dad spent helping him. It touched my heart very deeply. After my father died, my sister, Tara, and I, along with our stepmother, Vicki, established the Morris H. Willey Memorial Scholarship Fund at Frostburg State University in an effort to honor him and all the great work he did there.

Tragically, only four years later, Tara was diagnosed with the same aggressive cancer. Just before her passing, Tara was working on a PhD and teaching – following directly in our father’s footsteps. I know he would have been incredibly proud. Losing someone to brain cancer felt very much like watching something dissolve – sadly, in both cases, my father and sister very quickly drifted away from the vibrant people I’d known prior to their illnesses. This was particularly difficult given their aptitude for intellectual engagement.

The scholarship fund has now been renamed the Morris H. Willey and Tara Willey Memorial Scholarship. We hope their dedication to education and learning will be a continued inspiration to those who choose to attend Frostburg State University and that this scholarship will provide some financial assistance to those who need it.

(submitted by Lindsay Willey)